Here are some scenes from my garden in late summer. Spaghetti squash and cucumber vines are attempting to take over the world, tomatoes are just beginning to ripen and a few surprise blooms have appeared. I’m also attempting to get one more harvest of basil before our first frost in Denver.

This is my first try at growing pepper plants but it’s doubtful they’ll produce anything before the first frost since they took a long time to germinate from seeds and are growing very slowly. Apparently, they require a long growing season. Speaking of slow-to-germinate, spearmint is about the laziest herb I’ve ever encountered.

The chives have produced some very pretty and delicate blooms and evidently there was a stray flower seed in the pepper seed packet. What I thought was Morning Glory returning from last year has turned out to be a vine weed growing on the arbor. I probably need to eradicate the pest but the arbor needs something growing on it.

Fall garden vegetables such as beets, salad greens and radishes have been planted and I’m anxiously awaiting the first sprouts.