Victoria Beach in the Morning

Here’s some free wallpaper for your iPad and iPhone.  To install wallpaper on your iPad/iPhone:

  1. using Safari on the device, access this page and scroll down to find the correct sized image for your device
  2. touch the phone name to display the full size version
  3. In iOS9, at the bottom of the browser screen, press the box with the up-arrow, then press “Save Image” (box with down arrow).  Pre-iOS9, do a long-touch on the full size image until the “Save Image” and “Copy” dialog appears.
  4. go to the Photos app and select the image (note:  in iOS7, it may be necessary to go into Albums to find the image — touch the Albums icon in the lower right corner when in the Photos App)
  5. on iPad, touch the share icon in the upper right corner (to the left of the trash can); on iPhone, touch the share icon in the lower left corner;
  6. touch the “Use as Wallpaper” icon
  7. for iPad, touch one of the “Set” buttons in the upper right corner (Lock screen, home screen or both); for iPhone touch the “Set” button, then select “Set Lock Screen”, “Set Home Screen” or “Set Both”

Victoria Beach iPad Mini Non-Retina Wallpaper 1024x768

iPhone 6/6s

iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus

iPhone 5/5s

iPhone 4

iPad Mini

iPad 4


All images are © Paul Myrick 2013, All rights reserved.  Images may not be redistributed, broadcast, sold or used for any other purpose than personal use on the devices specified.